Number crunching for the past week - 4 new followers and 3 unfollowers. Stats via http://t.co/YIxyGqw1gz
- Monday Jul 21 - 6:53am

Fab tweeps @w0w___sillly_ @formAlways @logangrnt & more followed me. Grow with http://t.co/QBpS1BiWPx http://t.co/Z2LA9E2GAJ
- Monday Jul 14 - 6:53am

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work." - Gustave Flaubert
- Friday Jul 11 - 6:19pm

Friday treat: Vincent Gallo doing battle with British critics over Buffalo '66 while wearing a USA track suit: http://t.co/gdPQkN7xuw
- Friday Jul 11 - 3:54pm

Robert Blake creeps out Bill Pullman in @DAVID_LYNCH 's Lost Highway. Special bonus: a giant cellphone. http://t.co/gWpkXjXPwQ
- Thursday Jul 10 - 11:24pm