July is almost here, and that means another Fester screening. Here is a peek at what awaits you: http://t.co/2ektmw2vZg
- Monday Jun 29 - 6:19pm

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” - Jack London
- Monday Jun 29 - 3:54pm

4 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with http://t.co/nukchdLxsL
- Wednesday Jun 24 - 6:53am

RT @PriscillaRose: Saw THE BURBS tonight @drafthouse. Did you know the same dog who played Queenie was also Precious in SILENCE OF THE LAMB…
- Tuesday Jun 23 - 2:34am

Did you guys realize we're over a year old? Here's a picture from last year of @ADDtheatre doing what he does best. http://t.co/P96MU3okQ0
- Monday Jun 22 - 11:24pm