Has anybody actually ever seen Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever? Just curious. http://t.co/I7cvWdwL8s
- Wednesday Mar 4 - 10:58pm

Bought your tickets yet for our screening next week? Pick them up here: http://t.co/IL8yVZiY30 and use the promo code TWITTER for a discount
- Wednesday Mar 4 - 7:19pm

RT @meganamram: Starbucks coffee is disgusting. First of all it tastes like soap, second of all u have to get it from dispensers in the BAT…
- Wednesday Mar 4 - 4:54pm

Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 3 new followers in the last week! Stats via http://t.co/nukchdLxsL
- Wednesday Mar 4 - 6:53am

It's ALF but it's very upsetting. http://t.co/SUmoPy23U6
- Monday Mar 2 - 10:58pm